The Pregnancy -Part Two

There are many books that explains to women what their bodies may experience. Every pregnancy is different some situations may be similar but never exactly the same. Some women will enjoy being pregnant and it will be all butterflies and rainbows throughout the entire pregnancy and some women will have a rollercoaster experience.  

When I became pregnant at the age of 16 I was on a complete rollercoaster physically and emotional. Somewhere between 6 weeks and 12 weeks I began to experience morning sickness and it would last ALL day. Anything that I ate I would throw up. I was already small and began to loose more weight. I could not keep anything down. Finally around month 5 I was able to eat and began to gain my weight. This is when the second part of the rollercoaster ride began.  

Morning sickness is something that women go through in the first trimester, but can last throughout the pregnancy. Pregnant women must be careful because they can become dehydrated and experience weight loss. There are other conditions that are tied to pregnancy such as Gestational diabetes that only occur during pregnancy. Hypertension which will cause preeclampsia. These are just to name a few. However, pregnancy can be dangerous for women and they must take care of themselves to have a healthy baby.

I went through a lot of stress when I was pregnant with both my kids, With my oldest I was a Junior in high school. After all the morning sickness was over I was placed on bed rest. I was experiencing pre-term labor and the doctors did everything to ensure I did not deliver my daughter early. In my second pregnancy and was placed on bed rest with him as well because I was experiencing a lot of stress that caused my baby to stress. This brought on some of my pre-term labor.  I was young and did not understand what stress could do to my children while I was pregnant. Being the age I was with my daughter I do not think I really understood. I was 20 years old when I was pregnant with my son and I was more worried about my relationship and life than my pregnancy. I did not understand I had another life that I needed to care for.  

During your pregnancy you want to eat well, get enough rest for both you and the baby. Make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins, and exercise. This is important to bring a baby into this world. Everything that we do, and feel when we are pregnant the baby feels. This can bring long-term effects onto the child. It is also important that the father understands what it all entails to have a healthy pregnancy so that the mother can have the proper support system. One of the most important parts to parenting begins in the womb.  For any young parent out there make sure you have a good support system and do not reject the advice that is given.

Parenting tip: Parenting start in the womb, everything feeling, emotion, and things you put in your body is also being put on the child as well. You want to ensure you are eating properly, resting, light exercise that will not harm the child and not stressing. It is important that the father understands to help ease any pressure that could be placed upon the mother. Bonding can start in the womb with both parents.

Published by The New Statistic

I am a single mother of two wonderful young adults. I had my daughter at the age of 16, not knowing what and where I would be in life. I have overcome many obstacles that I was faced with. I went through so many challenges when it came to raising my children and even though me and my children were in almost every statistical category, WE BECAME A NEW STATISTIC! Learn about my different parenting styles and how to overcome the parenting challenge.

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