The Village

The Village is an important part of the parent’s life when raising children. If you are a young parent, it is important to ensure that you have a good support team behind you. I will call this your village. I was a young parent and my village helped me tremendously. I couldn’t complete a lot of my accomplishments without my village. Also, since I was so young I needed guidance was very much needed while I was raising my children.

Your village can be made up of many different people you know, family, friends, extended family, etc. I have become a part of one’s village by having a conversation and providing some advice. From there I have become that single mother’s village.  

Every new mother will need a little guidance that will help them learn motherhood. Many mothers will have intuition and feel I got this, however it is nice to the support and help for your village to give you tips on parenting.

I have noticed the village is present a lot during the child’s younger years. As the child gets older it slows down.  It is beneficial when the child is older that the village is there to support the child. Through the good and the bad times. Those teenage years when the child may not feel as though they can speak to their parent is when the village should take place. The village should also be there for the parents, the teen years/young adult years can be challenging, and assisting in those areas are helpful. Sometimes it is as easy as giving the mother or father a break for a day or two can ease a lot of stress.

Remember some tips when choosing your village:

You all share similar parenting styles.

You share the same beliefs.

You are okay with someone else’s  help with discipline/guidance

This will help the child not be confused, and understand we are all in this together for the best interest of the child.


Published by The New Statistic

I am a single mother of two wonderful young adults. I had my daughter at the age of 16, not knowing what and where I would be in life. I have overcome many obstacles that I was faced with. I went through so many challenges when it came to raising my children and even though me and my children were in almost every statistical category, WE BECAME A NEW STATISTIC! Learn about my different parenting styles and how to overcome the parenting challenge.

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