Generational Blessings

As a black woman, it is important to understand our history and whereas a people we have come from.  Our culture has been through so much in the past, and today some things have not changed. We are used to hearing things such as generational curse, well those times need to change we need to not focus on the curse and think about the blessing for our children. As an African American Community, there is a certain sigma on us as a whole, especially for black males. They also have the stigma that black women are single mothers. It was that typically baby momma and daddy drama. All that must change, I absolutely hate the title baby momma and baby daddy. The title mother and father have an enduring, loving, nurturing, caring meaning. When we speak such things as he is just a baby daddy we are not speaking blessing in fact we are speaking curses. We must prepare our children for greatness to receive the blessings that are in store for them.

As a young parent, I did not think about my children’s future. Coming from a single mother I remember certain struggles; I also know that my mother was not able to set up situations to provide the generational blessings and it seemed like there was a curse on our family. Many of us were young or single parents just living life as we knew best.

This is not the plan that God has for our life or our children’s life. God wants us happy; He does not want us struggling. When we look at the daily prayer, we pray it states “…. on earth as it is in Heaven.” In Heaven God has prepared mansions for us, we will not worry, cry, we are to be happy and worship Him. We need to do this while we are here on earth. God has promises for us, and we need to stand on the promises that He has for us. We need to break those cycles of generational curses and have generational blessings.

If we have breath in our body, we should still be able to learn, educate ourselves and our children to want to have a better life. It all starts with a made-up mind. We need to start that by teaching our children the things that they do not learn in school, such as savings, retirements, life insurance, purchasing homes, starting a business, education past high school. I have notice in the African American community things happen two ways once the child is 18, we are telling them to get a job, or they are too grown for themselves and want to leave home. We have not prepared them in life to be set up for the blessings. It is never too early to teach them, however, if you are a late bloomer like myself it can be a little tough. You can still reach for those goals no matter how big or small, but we need to get all that God has intended us to have. Another area should be learning to work together to help build those generational blessings. Success should not be a secret there is enough room out here for everyone to be successful and encourage each other. The change must start somewhere!

Published by The New Statistic

I am a single mother of two wonderful young adults. I had my daughter at the age of 16, not knowing what and where I would be in life. I have overcome many obstacles that I was faced with. I went through so many challenges when it came to raising my children and even though me and my children were in almost every statistical category, WE BECAME A NEW STATISTIC! Learn about my different parenting styles and how to overcome the parenting challenge.

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