Tough Love

Last month I spoke about LOVE and a Parent’s love. It is an important action a child will need. It will help so much. There is also that other part of parenting that can be difficult, that is when you must give tough love. This is the hardest part of parenting. Remember when we wereContinue reading “Tough Love”

Statistical Staturday Roe vs Wade

I have many mixed emotions about Roe vs. Wade. What about you? I’m a “statistic”, which means I’ve had an abortion. Maybe you have or know of someone. I write about teen pregnancy, challenges with pregnancy, and more in great detail in my new book “Statistically Speaking.” ( teen or adult woman’s body goes throughContinue reading “Statistical Staturday Roe vs Wade”

DNA- You Chose That Parent

As a single parent there are many occasions, I may look at my child and think, he has all his father’s ways. Many parents will not want to admit certain things that cross their mind, but I am sure at some point you have said “this child works my nerves, he or she acts justContinue reading “DNA- You Chose That Parent”