As we know the village is very important when raising children. What is even more important than the village being a part of the child’s life? Having both parents. We also must remember we choose the parent that we are had the child with. Even if you were young when you became pregnant it wasContinue reading “Co-Parenting”

The Village

The Village is an important part of the parent’s life when raising children. If you are a young parent, it is important to ensure that you have a good support team behind you. I will call this your village. I was a young parent and my village helped me tremendously. I couldn’t complete a lotContinue reading “The Village”

Raising Teenagers

A few months back I discussed raising small children, and last week’s post was on adulting. We cannot go from small children to adulting. In the middle we have teenagers. This is a very critical stage because so much happens during this time that will get them to the point of being the adult theyContinue reading “Raising Teenagers”


I have been hearing the young adults use the word “adulting”. This is something that we all do, and as we are adulting we find it difficult to focus on the desires of our hearts. What is adulting, taking care of our families, paying bills, and working hard on this thing we live called life.Continue reading “Adulting”

Raising Small Children

Reminiscing on when my children were small, I think back and say life was so much easier. I did not realize it until my kids became teenagers. I’ve conquered and embraced every moment of parenting. There are many different stages that children evolve into.  As child grow the parents should grow as well. As aContinue reading “Raising Small Children”


The word for today is self-care! I have spoken previously about the importance on how parenting starts in the womb. A mother’s mental state when the child is in the womb can affect the baby once he/she is born. If the mother has a good mental state, then the mother can raise a healthy child!Continue reading “Self-Care”

After Birth

Women will go through various things during a pregnancy both physically and emotionally. After delivering a baby, in that moment women will experience joy, peace, excitement and other range of emotions. However, no one discuss the fear, the sadness, and other emotional roller-coaster that may be attached to pregnancy. Your body just went through somethingContinue reading “After Birth”

The Pregnancy -Part Two

There are many books that explains to women what their bodies may experience. Every pregnancy is different some situations may be similar but never exactly the same. Some women will enjoy being pregnant and it will be all butterflies and rainbows throughout the entire pregnancy and some women will have a rollercoaster experience.   WhenContinue reading “The Pregnancy -Part Two”


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